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Manicure              $28

Gel Manicure        $38

Men’s Manicure     $23

Spa Manicure        $33

Pedicure                 $28

Men’s Pedicure.       $23

Spa Pedicure           $33


Dual Exfoliation    $75

30 Minute            $40

60 Minute            $55

Plant Peel             $27.50

*Add On*

Eye Treatment       $25

What to Expect From Spa Services:

-On your first spa visit, please arrive fifteen minutes prior to your appointment to allow for check-in.


-During any body treatment clients are always fully draped. Only exposing the areas being worked on. Clients will always dress and undress in private. Robes and gowns will be provided. 


-As a courtesy to other guests, we cannot provide spa services to guests accompanied by children.


-Please silence all devices prior to entering the spa.  

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